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Super Paper Mario Cheats and Walkthrough

Game System: Wii
Published: 2007
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Side Quests

Tiptron After finishing Chapter 8, even though Tippi is gone, you can replace her using technology. With a hefty 999 coins in your bank, head to Chapter 3-4 and visit Francis. Talk to him to buy Tiptron. She is a robot butterfly that is basically an exact clone of Tippi.


Pit of 100 Trials There are two located in this game, one in Flipside, the other in Flopside. Naturally, the first one is easier than the second. You don't need anything to start, but it's best to be at least at level 14 and have a lot of healing items on hand.


Flipside: In B2 (the 2nd basement level) at right, you can use Luigi to super jump and reach a switch or you can access it after you get Boomer. When you go to the Flip(or Flop)side Outskirts, go down to floor B2, jump on the white block, and point the Wiimote at the screen to find a hidden block. Continue doing that until you reach the white square above you and flip to 3D to find a tunnel. On the other side of it, you'll see the switch to open the door.


If you flip here, you'll find Welderberg. Pay 100 coins to build a pipe from the second floor (appears at left in the main district of Flipside). The goal is to defeat random enemies in 5 minutes to uncover a key and use it to continue to the next floor. You may get lucky and find the key in the first enemy you beat...or you may die of frustration finding it in the hands of the very last enemy in the room. Every tenth level holds a chest with a rare card and the option to exit back. The final reward is Dashell, a new Pixl. Here's a rewards chart:


10th Floor- Card # 288- Tippi 20th Floor- Card # 299- Thoreau 30th Floor- Card # 230- Boomer 40th Floor- Card # 231- Slim 50th Floor- Card # 232- Thudley 60th Floor- Card # 233- Carrie 70th Floor- Card # 234- Fleep 80th Floor- Card # 235- Cudge 90th Floor- Card # 236- Dottie 100th Floor- Dashell- fight Wracktail by hopping on its back (flipping as Mario) and super jump on the antenna as Luigi


Flopside: In B2 (the 2nd basement level) at left, use Luigi to super jump and reach a switch. Flip at right to find Welderberg. Need to have finished Flipside's Pit first. Should be at least at level 35. Very, very tough pit. The goals are the same as before and you'll get a rare card on every tenth floor as usual. To add insult to injury, you get NOTHING for beating the pit the first time around. You must go through it a second time (grrr...) to win a stash of rare cards, including the Mario card, which gives you the ability to use 3D with no time limit. Here's a rewards chart:


10th Floor- Card # 238- Dashell 20th Floor- Card # 241- Goombario 30th Floor- Card # 242- Kooper 40th Floor- Card # 234- Bombette 50th Floor- Card # 244- Parakarry 60th Floor- Card # 245- Bow 70th Floor- Card # 246- Watt 80th Floor- Card # 247- Sushie 90th Floor- Card # 248- Lakilester 100th Floor- must do over first time; second time, defeat Dark Luigi (use Bowser and Barry), Dark Peach (same), Dark Bowser (same), and Dark Mario (same)


Sammer Guy Tournament, Duel of 100 I guess the Sammers were able to survive and rebuild. After finishing Chapter 8, you can compete in a tournament that is basically an extension of the fights you completed in Chapter 6. It's best for you to be at least level 25. To start, enter chapter 6 through the door atop Flipside Tower to begin. Use Bowser and Barry often and obviously don't jump on their heads if spiked. Some Sammer Guys can also flip between 2D and 3D, so blast them with fire when they appear. You win 7 rare Catch Cards:


# 249- Goombella # 250- Koops # 251- Madame Flurrie # 252- Yoshi # 253- Vivian # 254- Admiral Bobbery # 255- Ms. Mowz


Piccolo- optional Pixl After finishing Chapter 5, find Merlee on the second floor of Flopside (look for the shop with a crystal ball sign) and talk to her by standing beside her (not across). Take the pipe to Flipside, and talk to Merluvlee in the same type shop, then head through the first door atop the tower and find Bestovius in Chapter 1-1. Talk to him, then use the Return Pipe and re-enter the door to Chapter 1-2. Find Watchitt's house and talk to him to get Paper. Take the Return pipe and re-enter the same door AGAIN to Chapter 1-4. Navigate the level all the way to the end with the star block and talk to Merlumina (more like sleep during her blabbering) to receive the Autograph, then hit the star block to return to Flipside. Head back to Chapter 1-2 and give the Autograph to Watchitt for the You-Know-What (looks like a disc). Take that to Bestovius in Chapter 1-1 to get the Training Machine (looks like a Game Boy Advance-Bestovius must have the "advanced" Nintendo DS, LOL!). Take it to Merluvlee in Flipside to get the Crystal Ball and (FINALLY!) take that to Merlee back in Flopside to get a key. Go to Flopside and take the down elevator to the first floor. Flip and take the secret path left, then drop through the hole by the card shop and into the hidden area of Flopside (the other side of the gates). Head through the locked door and open the chest for the new Pixl, Piccolo. He's a musical Pixl that will provide personal entertainment (he also unlocks things and changes sound effects).

Videos for Side Quests

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